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Shaw Family Vintners

Monster Pitch

Cabernet Sauvignon

2021 RRP $22.50

When the ships left Europe bound for Australia, they had many obstacles to overcome, but perhaps the strangest of all was the “monster pitch”. No wind but a huge swell, capable of swallowing even the biggest tall masters, meant that only a great captain and a dedicated crew could steer the ship to safety. Year after year, our vignerons and winemakers show the same skill, conquering the prevailing conditions to deliver an outstanding result every time.

Tasting Notes

Just like the monster pitch, this Cabernet is elegant on the surface, but has powerful underlying varietal characters which may take you by surprise! It is carefully matured in French and American oak which integrates beautifully with aromas of blackberries, eucalyptus, chocolate and mint. The smooth full bodied palate finishes with fine tannins.

2021 RRP $22.50


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